El jugador del Newcastle, Anthony Gordon, se une a las crecientes demandas para que el VAR sea eliminado si la tecnología no mejora | Noticias de fútbol

It seems that opinions on VAR vary among Premier League clubs. While some, like Wolves, are pushing for its removal, others, like Liverpool, support keeping it in place. The focus for many clubs seems to be on improving VAR’s application and communication with supporters rather than scrapping it altogether. It will be interesting to see … Leer más

Clubes de la Premier League votarán para eliminar el VAR la próxima temporada | Noticias de Fútbol

VAR has been a controversial topic since its introduction to the Premier League, with many fans and players criticizing its impact on the flow of the game. Wolves’ proposal to abolish VAR for next season will be a hotly debated topic at the upcoming shareholders’ meeting. On one hand, the Premier League board believes that … Leer más