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El jugador del Newcastle, Anthony Gordon, se une a las crecientes demandas para que el VAR sea eliminado si la tecnología no mejora | Noticias de fútbol

It seems that opinions on VAR vary among Premier League clubs. While some, like Wolves, are pushing for its removal, others, like Liverpool, support keeping it in place. The focus for many clubs seems to be on improving VAR’s application and communication with supporters rather than scrapping it altogether. It will be interesting to see how this debate unfolds in the coming months.

The debate over VAR in the Premier League continues to divide opinions among managers and players. While some, like Anthony Gordon, believe it should either be improved or scrapped altogether due to too many mistakes, others, like Eddie Howe, see value in keeping it for offsides but want more power given to referees. The recent incident involving Reece James’s red card and subsequent ban has only added fuel to the fire, with Mauricio Pochettino acknowledging the pain of the situation but still seeing potential for VAR to be a helpful tool in the league. The upcoming meeting next month will likely see clubs canvassing for support on the issue as the debate rages on.

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