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Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams are continuing their post-budget victory lap.
Police are disappointed that the budget did not include tougher measures to strengthen bail laws.
Adams suggested that Donald Trump should review crime statistics before criticizing his hometown.
State regulators are seeking to attract new offshore wind developers.
And the latest updates from the Trump trial in Manhattan.

Governor Kathy Hochul celebrated another triumph today.

She joined Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Mayor Eric Adams, and labor leaders to commemorate the approval of a comprehensive housing package — a significant turnaround from last year when consensus was not reached on the complex issue.

The plan, passed over the weekend to stimulate residential construction and safeguard tenants, includes policies that Hochul has been advocating for two years to combat the housing shortage.

These policies aim to boost residential construction, such as a new property tax break for rental housing and reforms to allow denser development in the city, which were also priorities for Adams in Albany.

“We all recognize the previous leaders avoided tackling this issue,” Hochul stated at an event hosted by the building service workers union 32BJ SEIU, which advocated for a housing agreement this year. “I am proud to say that legacy of inaction ended last week with this significant deal in Albany that took years to materialize.”

“I was the first governor in fifty years to prioritize housing,” she continued, praising her legislative partners.

Stewart-Cousins commended Hochul for her “clear” vision and ability to find common ground on certain issues to reach this point.

One of the main compromises was on a tenant protection measure known as Good Cause eviction, which lawmakers revised and approved in the housing package.

The policy, which effectively limits rent increases in market-rate housing, included specific exemptions that upset tenant advocates who supported the proposal.

Although Hochul initially had reservations about the legislation, she emphasized today that this aspect of the agreement will help combat tenant exploitation.

“Tenants have been at the mercy of landlords,” Hochul remarked. “Landlords could previously increase rent without restrictions — now they can’t, there will be limits, and people can plan accordingly.”

Adams, who praised Hochul’s efforts on behalf of the city in the budget, hailed the broader package as a significant achievement.

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“We now have a responsibility to start construction, build housing so that you don’t have to leave the city,” the mayor said. “I can finally tell my son, ‘Go find your own apartment.’”

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FOR POLICE: A prominent law enforcement group believes that the state budget did not do enough to enhance public safety — particularly for police officers.

The New York State Sheriffs Association urged state lawmakers to pass a series of measures, including mandatory life sentences without parole for individuals who kill police officers, allowing judges to consider the danger posed by a defendant when setting bail, and making all gun crimes qualifying offenses for denying pretrial release.

“It is time to stop the relentless attacks on police officers in New York,” stated Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond, the president of the sheriffs association, during a news conference at the Capitol.

Hochul achieved public safety victories in the budget, including addressing retail theft by increasing penalties for assaults on store employees and allowing prosecutors to combine retail crimes for charging purposes.

Hochul also emphasized the millions of dollars allocated for law enforcement in New York as a direct response to calls to defund the police.

“When I became governor, there were still individuals advocating to defund the police, even as gun crimes surged — instead of defunding, we supported and properly funded law enforcement,” she told reporters last week.

However, DuMond believes the budget should have gone further, especially regarding the law that restricted when cash bail could be considered for criminal defendants.

He cited recent police deaths in New York City and Syracuse as evidence of the urgent need for stronger measures.

“An attack on a police officer is an attack on society,” he asserted. “It is a form of terrorism.” — Nick Reisman

‘STAY ON MESSAGE’: Former President Donald Trump has made New York City crime a focal point of his presidential campaign — a fact that does not faze Mayor Adams.

“As long as he continues campaigning, he can refer to the graph that shows we are the safest major city in America,” Adams said, displaying a graphic used to counter claims of a crime problem in New York City.

“I believe that as long as we emphasize that message, we will be fine,” Adams added. “This is campaign season, so candidates will be campaigning throughout the city.”

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Adams briefly visited the courthouse last week to check on the NYPD officers stationed there.

However, like today, Adams has largely dismissed questions about the ongoing trial near City Hall.

“This is a system built on due process,” he noted.

“And that is expected to occur within the next few days.” — Jeff Coltin

Judge Juan Merchan did not make a ruling this morning on whether former President Donald Trump should be held in contempt for allegedly violating his gag order with some social media posts. It is unclear when a decision will be made. However, the continuation of prosecution witness David Pecker’s testimony shed light on the alleged conspiracy to influence the 2016 elections. Pecker testified about an arrangement between himself and Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, to “catch and kill” stories. Pecker stated that he would publish positive stories about Trump and negative stories about his opponents to help the campaign.

Trump is facing charges of falsifying business records related to hush money paid to an adult film actress. He has called the case a witch hunt and criticized the gag order as unconstitutional.

In other news, New York is expediting the process to secure contracts with offshore wind developers and bolster the offshore wind supply chain. This comes after three key projects were scrapped last week. Governor Hochul emphasized the state’s commitment to clean energy and economic growth through offshore wind projects.

A coalition representing older adults in New York criticized Hochul for neglecting older New Yorkers in the latest budget. The budget did not address the backlog of older adults waiting for elder care services, with thousands of unfulfilled requests for services.

Hochul also announced a new grant program to help communities prone to flooding become greener by investing in infrastructure that reduces stormwater, mitigates flooding, and restores ecosystems.

Additionally, the state’s final budget includes a $2 million study on the foundation aid formula, to be conducted by the Rockefeller Institute and due by December 1. This study was included as a compromise in budget negotiations to prevent cuts to school aid. En lugar de eso, proporcionará asistencia técnica.

El estudio se llevará a cabo a través de una colaboración entre el Instituto Rockefeller de Gobierno, el Departamento de Educación estatal, la División de Presupuesto estatal y “otras agencias estatales consideradas necesarias por el instituto”, lee el presupuesto.

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También podrán contratar “terceros” si el Instituto Rockefeller así lo desea, y el comité se encargará de incluir la opinión de defensores, funcionarios escolares y familias.

El estudio emitirá recomendaciones que sean “fiscalmente sostenibles”, calculará las necesidades de ayuda escolar con datos recientes y actualizados y evaluará cada componente de la fórmula para decidir qué debe mantenerse y qué necesita ser cambiado.

“Estamos avanzando rápidamente de acuerdo con la ley para establecer audiencias públicas en todo el estado, adquirir los datos necesarios e iniciar el diálogo con los principales interesados y socios”, dijo Bob Megna, presidente del instituto y ex director de presupuesto estatal, en un comunicado. — Katelyn Cordero

ADAMS PROMOCIONA CRACKDOWN DE CANNABIS: Nueva York intensificará la aplicación de la ley en un estimado de 2,800 vendedores de cannabis no autorizados en la ciudad “tan pronto como se seque la tinta” en el presupuesto estatal, dijo Adams hoy.

El acuerdo presupuestario incluyó disposiciones para permitir a los municipios tomar medidas contra los vendedores ilegales de marihuana. Adams elogió disposiciones que también permitían a los reguladores revocar licencias de lotería, cerveza y cigarrillos para bodegas que venden cannabis.

En adelante, la ciudad tiene la autoridad para cerrar con candado a los vendedores de cannabis no autorizados si representan una amenaza inmediata para la seguridad pública, como vender a menores, dijo Tiffany Raspberry, asesora principal de Adams.

Si no hay una amenaza inminente, la ciudad puede emitir una violación y multas. Después de 10 días, si la tienda sigue vendiendo cannabis, la ciudad puede cerrar con candado la tienda.

“Son el ensayo de vestuario del círculo interno, y luego pasan a la noche de la función en realidad”, dijo Adams sobre los preparativos de la ciudad para una represión del cannabis. — Mona Zhang

— Un nuevo estudio encontró que los empleados de color de la ciudad de Nueva York ganan menos que sus contrapartes blancos. (Daily News)

— Precios más bajos de las entradas a peleas de MMA entre algunos de los aspectos menos discutidos del presupuesto estatal. (Times Union)

— Si Trump va a la cárcel, el servicio secreto podría tener que acompañarlo. (New York Times)

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