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¿Está conquistando o luchando el ANC en la encuesta de Sudáfrica?

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) concluded its campaign under the banner Siyanqoba (Zulu for We Are Conquering) with a final rally on Saturday. However, the party is facing challenges in this election, with low turnout at their rally in Soweto and polls suggesting a potential loss of parliamentary majority for the first time in 30 years. Despite this, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa remains confident of a “decisive victory.”

Former President Jacob Zuma’s new party, uMkhonto weSizwe (MK), is also vying for votes, with some ANC supporters carrying coffins of opposition parties, including MK, at the rally. However, polls indicate that MK may not have a significant impact on the election outcome.

Corruption and power cuts have been major concerns for voters, with allegations against Ramaphosa himself. The ANC has promised to address these issues if re-elected, despite facing criticism and skepticism from the public.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), is struggling to gain support and faces internal divisions. Ramaphosa criticized the DA’s policies, particularly regarding the national minimum wage, at the ANC rally.

The ANC’s support from racial minorities, including Muslim communities, is also highlighted, with the party’s stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict being a key factor for some voters.

Despite the challenges and controversies, the ANC is expected to remain the largest party in South Africa, with the election results anticipated to reflect this dominance.

Es nuestro turno de devolver el favor.

El conflicto ha sido claramente una herramienta importante de movilización para el ANC, pero es poco probable que determine el resultado de las elecciones ya que la gente está más preocupada por cuestiones internas – y dará su veredicto el miércoles sobre quién está mejor situado para llevar a Sudáfrica hacia adelante.

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