Reglas de la F1 2026: Lewis Hamilton emite advertencia sobre los nuevos coches mientras los pilotos expresan temor por las velocidades ‘lentas’ | Noticias de F1

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez also shared his thoughts on the new regulations, expressing some skepticism about the potential lack of speed in the 2026 cars.

It’s hard to say without driving the car but from what we have seen on the simulators, it does look like it’s going to be slow, Perez said. I think it’s going to be a massive change for the sport and we will have to adapt to it.

Overall, the reaction from the drivers seems to be mixed regarding the new regulations for the 2026 F1 cars. While there is optimism about the focus on sustainability and closer racing, there are concerns about the potential lack of speed and performance. Only time will tell how these changes will impact the sport and the competition on the track.

Alonso also emphasized the importance of having a level playing field in terms of performance and opportunities for all teams and drivers. He believes that this will not only make the races more exciting for the fans, but also more satisfying for the drivers themselves.

Ultimately, both Hamilton and Alonso agree that the focus should be on creating a competitive and fair environment in which all teams and drivers have a chance to succeed. The new engine regulations may be complex, but as long as they lead to closer competition and more exciting racing, both drivers believe it will be worth it in the end.

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