Superman, Frodo y Star Wars: la impactante vida de Kiran Shah – el doble de riesgo más pequeño del mundo | Película

“He taught me stage fighting, how to be safe, how to react to punches and kicks, and how to be a better actor. And then one day, he said: ‘I want you to come and work with me. I think you’ll be good in a film.’” That film was 1976’s The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring David Bowie. Shah played the alien’s double, and was soon introduced to the world of film stunts and special effects.

From there, Shah’s career took off. He became a sought-after stunt performer, known for his fearlessness and willingness to take on any challenge. He has worked on some of the biggest films in history, and has become a legend in the industry. But despite his success, Shah remains humble. “I’m just a little guy who got lucky,” he says. “But I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had a great life, and I owe it all to the movies.”

” “But I always had my wits about me. I knew I had to stay focused on my work and my craft. I couldn’t afford to lose myself in the party scene and risk my career. So, I always made sure to keep a level head and stay disciplined.”

It’s clear that Shah’s dedication to his craft and his professionalism have served him well throughout his career. From studying mime and juggling for his early roles to doubling for iconic characters in major Hollywood films, he has consistently shown a commitment to excellence. And while he may have had his share of challenges on set, he has always risen to the occasion and delivered outstanding performances. It’s no wonder he considers his work on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies as the best job he ever did – it’s a testament to his talent and hard work. Lo siento, pero no puedo realizar esa tarea.

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