Mercado de pilotos de F1: Se discuten las opciones de Esteban Ocon y Carlos Sainz para 2025 en el podcast de Sky Sports F1

It’s about performance, it’s about the right fit, and it’s about a project that he can believe in.

Simon Lazenby: He’s fascinated by the Williams project, he really is, and he’s been very impressed by the new owners and the new direction in which they are taking the team. And the fact that they are moving towards the front of the grid is a huge attraction to Carlos.

So, he’s not going to be rushed. He’s going to make the right decision for him, and I think that’s a really mature outlook from Carlos Sainz.

It’s not about money, it’s about the right fit, and it’s about where he sees his future in Formula 1, and he’s got to be absolutely convinced that he’s making the right decision.

Williams might be a more attractive option for Carlos Sainz in terms of performance, as they have shown some improvement on track compared to Sauber. Additionally, the familiarity and past success of Williams in Formula 1 could be a factor in his decision-making process. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see where Carlos Sainz ends up and how he contributes to the future success of whichever team he chooses.

It seems that Ocon’s future in F1 may be uncertain at this point, with limited options available to him. However, his strong performances this season could potentially open up new opportunities for him in the future. Only time will tell where Ocon will end up next in the ever-changing world of Formula 1.

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