Gran Premio de Canadá: Max Verstappen admite preocupación de Red Bull mientras Lando Norris y Charles Leclerc apuntan a la victoria | Noticias de F1

But it’s not just that, it’s also the way the car is behaving over the kerbs, it’s just not happy. It doesn’t like it and then it becomes very difficult to drive.

Verstappen will be hoping for a better weekend in Canada as he looks to extend his championship lead over Leclerc and the rest of the field.

Overall, Norris is optimistic about McLaren’s chances in Montreal despite their weaknesses. The team has shown strong performance in recent races and Norris himself has been in contention for wins. While he acknowledges Ferrari as the favorites, he believes McLaren has a good chance and is confident in the team’s abilities. The competition between McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull adds excitement to the upcoming race, and Norris is looking forward to a close battle on the track.

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